Legacy of The Legend

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“One Love Music Concert” will be the first annual concert in association with, “Start Spotlight Search” Talent Search and to be Live-Streamed Concert in what will be an annual talent search and global concert performance event, as tribute to the Vision and Life Achievements of the “Legacy of the Legend” “King of Pop” Michael Jackson on 29th, of August 2021, the day of his birthday with each year going forward. The Talent Search and Annual Concert will spotlight and promote all new talent online throughout the year leading up to the day of the “One Love Music Concert” and the top finalists will be awarded the performance spotlight during the annual Live-Stream Concert Event.  


Each year a new “Star Spotlight Search” will begin following each annual Concert. Each new up-coming “Star Spotlight Search” will be announced and launched at the end of each annual “One Love Music Concert”. Paid Enrollment in “One Love Music concert/ “Star Spotlight Search” will entitle an artist to remain enrolled and maintain their webpage continually for any following year or years, in “Star Spotlight Search” and be part of “One Love Music Concert” Event without any further enrollment fees as long as they receive 200 votes. If registered artist does not receive the required 200 votes in the two-month period, then they will have the option to pay any balance to make up the difference to achieve the $100.00 enrollment fee due to “Legacy of the Legend” to remain in the “Star Spotlight Search” contest.



Legacy of the Legend, has created a simple process for artists to enroll in the “Star Spotlight Search” and begin to upload their bio, music media and other promotional materials to their own personal web page that will be established upon enrollment.


1. Please Login to our website and follow the steps to become a member and register for the “Star Spotlight Search”. www.onelovemusicconcert.com
2. Pay the registration enrollment fee of (One Hundred US Dollars) $100.00.
3. Your payment receipt number will be your Membership-Number. Your membership number will automatically be included for you to have a chance to win cash and prizes through our weekly raffle drawings starting on the 1st of June 2021.


4. When we receive your payment and enrollment confirmation in “Legacy of the Legend”/” One Love Music Concert” then you are automatically registered in the annual “Star Spotlight Search” contests and the Annual Concerts subject to the published rules. 


5. When you complete the enrollment process and receive your confirmation email, you will be provided with a link to login to “Star Spotlight Search” Website as you are already by then a member of "One Love Music Concert" and “Legacy of the Legend” Community with your Personal Page using your new username and password. When you login you will be able to upload your bio, pictures, original music and music video singles, and any other media or promotional materials that will help you capture the attention of the audience, family, friends, fans, sponsors, and agents that will be able to vote for you  for free. 

6. Anyone that download “singles” of your songs or music in Audio and/or video of your performances for $1.00 that you have uploaded to your Personal Page. That $1.00 Download will be considered (5)Five Votes for the Artist The artists who receive the most votes on “Star Spotlight Search” contest will be chosen according to the number of votes the artist receives that will place them in the top 144 artists that could perform on the 29th, of August 2021.


7. The “One Love Music Concert” on the 29th of August each year will feature a minimum of 72 artists. The top 72 artists based on votes received. In addition to the 72 top artists, additionally Well Known VIP artists will be invited to perform during the Live-Stream concert. The maximum time slot to be allocated to any one artist will be up too 20 minutes subject to determination and adjustment by the panel of professional artist judges.


  1. When someone places a vote for an artist or download original single, the artist will be able to see this when it happens on their personal page and on the Open Voting Chart that will be updated in real time. The Open Voting Chart will also be available for view by anyone who logs  
  2. into www.legacyofthelegend.com,   www.starspotlightsearch.com www.onelovemusicconcert.com   


  1. The $1.00 payment for artist original singles and/or for Voting will be collected through the “Legacy of the Legend” website. The payments will accrue monthly and be paid out by the tenth day of the following month in accordance with the terms of enrollment as regards whether an artist registered as an individual or whether they registered with or through an agent or sponsor who will have been named at the time of enrollment. The payment sharing procedures will be as follows:


1. Registration as an Individual:    50% to the Artist, 40% to Legacy of the Legend, and 10% to The Jackson Family Foundation.


2. Registration with or through an Agent or Sponsor:     30% to the artist, 30% to the Agent or Sponsor, 30% to Legacy of the Legend, and 10% to the Jackson Family Foundation.


3. The above payment benefit procedures will apply for the duration of the time that an artist is enrolled with the “Star Spotlight Search”, whether for one annual concert season or for multiple concert seasons


  1. Referral Benefits: When an artist is enrolled in the “Star Spotlight Search”, if they refer another artist who subsequently enrolls in the “Star Spotlight Search” talent contest, then they will receive a $20 referral benefit that will be paid out on the same date as payment of funds received for $1.00 song download votes. This would be by the tenth day of the month following when their referred artist will have enrolled in the “Star Spotlight Search”. 


Let us preserve the Legacy for a better World, Peace, Unity and Love For all Nations & People



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