Legacy of The Legend

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The Jackson Family Foundation is proud to continue the Legacy of Michael Jackson and the Jackson Family. The Jackson Family Foundation's Mission & Purpose is to promote; Unity, Love, Education and Peace between all cultures and people. We have all been focused on this Mission & Purpose ever since the "King of Pop's" stunning departure. However, in the spirit of "Michael's Charitable Legacy", we, his Family, Friends & Fans chose to continue his healing works by way of the "Visual & Performing Arts" along with promoting "Education and the Humanities". 

The Jackson Family Foundation Members and our Strategic Partners, Sponsors, Donors and Benefactors are driven in our efforts to support disadvantaged students, through education and scholarships for students who have the ability to excel in their studies and to be mentors to each other who can then both have a much more improved outlook on life. Legacy of the Legend Global Events is designed to help us raise funds needed to meet our goals and fulfill our Mission while giving our supporters, friends, sponsors, partners and fans an opportunity to indulge in colorful and exciting evenings of celebration, fun, music and dancing! 

We are proud to march the "Jackson Family Foundation Crest" into the market place in Michael's honor and on behalf of the epic Jackson Legacy. We are also working to develop funds for a "Jackson Family Museum, Michael Jackson Performing Arts Center and a Tourist Destination" worthy of the "King of Pop." Let's face it, Michael Jackson deserves it, and we can all help build it. We cordially invite you and the entire World to join us on board this Global series of exciting social extravaganzas of a lifetime. We are networking with individuals along with partnering with International Corporate Developers & Media Companies that will be attending our Events from all over the World. This is a great time for Sponsors to "Partner with the Jacksons" and take advantage of our 45 year "Partnership with the World!

Join us in support of the Jackson Family Foundation’s Charitable Mission, Youth Scholarship Program and our affiliate Non-Profit Organizations as we all gear up and set out to "Partner with the World" indefinitely, with "Peace, Love & Unity in Honor of Michael Jackson". Possibly the greatest entertainer in the history of the entire world!   

Some would call him the best we've ever seen! Some would say he is the very "Heart & Soul" of "Music & Dance". We, the close Family, Friends & Event Creators of "The Legacy Campaign" consider him a total inspiration to us all and are proud to work tirelessly to "Preserve Michael's Legacy." We welcome you aboard and Thank You in advance. 

Mark your calendars for May 15 - 26, 2013 and come party at the Annual Jackson Family Foundation, Cannes Fashion Week event! 

Learn more about us by checking out our website which features many projects of which have been sanctioned by the Jackson Family Foundation along with other historic "Jackson Family" moments posted by some of our Jackson Family Foundation Global Partners. Join our Jackson Family Foundation Sponsors, Friends & Global Network as we unite to help Preserve the Legacy of the Legend, Michael Jackson & the historic legacy of the entire epic Jackson Family.  

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