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GLOBE OF LIFE™©®, Vision & Mission: Unity, Peace and Love, between all Nations, Cultures and People, it is a Membership driven community. Presented by JFF, JDMC, LVH Media, Legacy of the Legend, One Love Music Concert, Build Management, and JDMC Africa, www.globeoflife.com . Our goal is to establish in every city across the world that has a performing arts and culture center, the “Globe of Life” ™©® with its Vision and Mission.

Globe of Life is an attraction in itself with our present technology. It can be lit at night as a hologram that displays colorful images circling around the main image of our Globe of Life, EARTH, showing its message of peace, interaction between communities and warm greetings welcoming visitors with open arms.

Globe of Life is an interactive virtual three-dimensional encyclopedia, a virtual reality show.  It is not only a historical and educational journey in time through virtual imagery, but a museum bringing out the culture of each country and exchange it with other cultures.  The “Globe of Life” Community™©®, is established in and with other Globe of Life Communities. The main attraction that features the “Globe of Life” for which, visitors and locals can interact with other “Globe of Life” Communities, within member parameters. 

We will be utilizing the most advanced technology in the 21st Century compared to even 20 years ago.  As we did not have the sophisticated technology as we do today since much has changed and evolved over time.  Our mission encompasses a for-profit platform in order to sustain the Non-profit sector.  Our For-profit entities will build sustainable communities within each ecosystem. A great idea was presented today by one of our Advisory board, is to include under the Umbrella of Globe of Life™©®, to include” Plant Food Trees, instead of Building Fences” between neighbors.

We can raise funds through multiple sources and through membership in the communities that want to join us, we will be able to provide the community with the plants that they want to plant, when they remove the fence between neighbors is to plant Food Trees and Fruit Trees, or any type of plants that can feed others. We welcome participants from around the world who envisions a healthy future and desires to become part of a very special community.  

We are appreciative and thankful for all the people who have chosen to be a part of our journey thus far in uniting art, culture and history with advanced technology. These individuals we rely on because they invest their time into advance us by being able to offer services that will take this project from simple idea to reality; helping merge every city globally through sharing experiences regardless of location.

A special billboard for sponsors will be attached that can be seen from far. It can be built in any city or state across the entire country.  Do you think that some communities could partner with the Globe of Life, and join as members to provide a unique attraction that would raise our cultural standards to provide stimulating world class attractions while raising money for education and sustainable projects carrying the expenses of active and engaged cities?

GLOBE OF LIFE is a Vision & Mission, that has been sent into the Universe by Visionaries, for a better World.  By envisioning and constructing the Globe of Life on each continent in the entire world would be a positive step forward for the future of humanity.

Years ago, Las Vegas was our lead city.  Our visionaries 20 years ago, wrote about the Globe of Life™©® vision and concept in the LAS VEGAN MAGAZINE™©®, published by me, Simon Sahouri.  It was published and presented to the City of Las Vegas in 2001, the start of the new millennium. Fast forward twenty years later, 2021, I never imagined that in my lifetime I would be presenting the same vision and concept Globe of Life™©® to the World and the Universe once again.

The time is now to revisit this remarkable and profound Vision & Mission.  The 21st Century has not been filled with Peace and Unity.  Instead, our reality of the world has been shattered into pieces with such isolation, untimely deaths, wars and new deadly diseases.  Who would’ve thought that a deadly Corona Virus could dominate and crush humanity presently as it has and continues to do so?  We must find ways to heal our Planet, World and Universe. The time for healing, education and unity is now. We must put our efforts together to establish the Globe of Life™©®, Vision & Mission in our present lifetime if we are to plan a better world for future generations in the years to come. WE ARE THE WORLD-HEAL THE WORLD

Corporations are looking for ad space, not to mention a boost to the revitalization of urban areas. Perhaps this could, be it? This is a rare opportunity for qualified sponsors and our cities, to join forces with other Cities, Counties and Countries, presenting the Globe of Life will put us on the World stage as an Artistic Mecca allowing our own culture & art communities emerge. We already started the blueprint, and we are continuously canvassing for support, sponsors, & visionaries and ideas to help us to continue with the Globe of Life Vision & Mission.  We welcome your company, city, county, performing arts and culture centers to join us.  If you would like to be included, now's your time!

For general information and for those interested in knowing more about the

“Globe of Life™©®,” please send an email to: [email protected]

Learn more about our Charitable Mission, Goals & Objectives at; www.JacksonFamilyFoundation.com and join our Jackson Family Foundation Global Network Today!

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